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Introducing: Clyde Central | Say Hello

WHOOP WHOOP!!  TODAY IS THE DAY!!  We are rebranding.  When I first bought the Motels I had plans.  Most of those plans have skidded sideways with Covid (I was supposed to  settle right in the middle of the first lockdown April 2020) but one of those plans was to change the name.  I know that the Antique Lodge Motel has been part of Sunderland St since 1976 but it just didn’t quite feel right with my philosophy and so it is now going to be called Clyde Central.  It is in Central Otago.  It is in Clyde.  It is in Central Clyde. But more importantly it is a Central hub where  people can come together and connect and have a real experience.  So we think they name captures everything we want it to and everything we stand for.

Keep checking back here.  This is  where you find all the latest information on whats happening at the Motels, whats happening in Central Otago and any other relevant news.  And we look forward to seeing you back here when you can!!  Fizz